Reports 9i Patch 1 - Reports

I tried to use Excel as a datasoruce to run a report, but I got an error "ERR 62007: SQL-error: S1C00 [Microsoft] [ODBC Excel Driver] Optional feature not implemented.
I am using Oracle 9iDS R2. I understand that ODBC drivers require the PDS to set some properties which are not set in the initial release. Where I can find the Reports 9i Patch 1? 

Hello ,
This issue has been solved. Please download the latest patch from following link or contact Oracle Support.
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Thanks for your reply. I have applied the patch,, to my Reports 9i and followed every step from the Reports 9i Demo (using Excel as a data source), but now I got different error message.
The error message is "SQL Error: 37000 [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]'novalloc' is not a valid name Please make sure there is no special character or punctuation...". The 'novalloc' is my Excel spreadsheet's name and it has no special character or punctuation. The SQL query that I entered on the JDBC PDS is select * from [novalloc$], which is the correct syntax according to the demo.
Could you shed some light on this problem ASAP; I already have spent a week on this and have no idea what caused the error. Thanks.

Syntax for the query is : select * from [worksheetName$] .
Please verify your ODBC connection. User has to make ODBC Datasource to the excel file, from which user want to
create the query. Then user can create a query on a worksheet avaiabale in that excel sheet.
Please try with simpler case, create a new Excel file, with single worksheet. Add some rowsa and verify, if it works.
Note : Excel Driver may not work for some really complex worksheets.
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Thank you for your time. It's working. The whole problem was I used Excel's file name to run the query intead of Worksheet's name. 

I am trying to create a report with 2 worksheets. To start with, I created two worksheets in excel for the template and saved as xls. I added the required queries to the report, one for each worksheet. Now when I run the report and saved as jsp...When I try to run it, I get the error message :
Missing file:...\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\89A3K1I3\sheet0001.jsp
Any idea why is it looking for the files under Temp Internet files and how may I resolve this issue?


report builder 12.2.1 is crashing wile opening the report editor

Hi everyone,When i am trying to open the report editor of existing or new files my report builder 12 is crashing in windows 8.1 64 bit os.Attached screen sorts here.  
I have occasionally had a similar problem, especially with a very large report.  I've found that I need to connect to the database before I try to open the report.
Thanks for your reply.It is not a large report , it is very small report where report query isselect * from emp; that's it. If you are telling about database connectivity i will check it.
what version of Java do you have ? Does anybody's Report Builder work ? What version do you have ? are you trying to open .rdf files ?I had a similiar issue (not with 12c) when trying to run reports if there was a mis-match in data types. Are you calling a stored procedure or have the SQL in the rerport ?Can you generate a new report ? 
what version of Java do you have ?jdk 8.51Does anybody's Report Builder work ?don't know.What version do you have ?reports builder 12care you trying to open .rdf files ?yesI had a similiar issue (not with 12c) when trying to run reports if there was a mis-match in data types.No i have not this type of issue.Are you calling a stored procedure or have the SQL in the rerport ?i have simple sql which is select * from emp;Can you generate a new report ?yes, i will check.I have give above the screen sorts have a look.
I haven't used 12c, but could you trying using explict fields in select statement rarther than *
also connect to the database first - this sometime caused a problem for me when I loaded the report before connecting to the database.
Thanks for your reply i will check it and revert back to you.
Follow the bellow steps1. Open the Report builder2. connect with Database3. open the report and go to editor If crash thentry this work around Report Builder(11g R2) crashing when opening data model - VGS.dll Crash Hope this helps Hamid
Thanks Hamid for your reply, let me check.
Thanks Hamid for your help. Yes this trick works.  I have changed in config\FRComponent\frcommon\TOOLS\admin\cauprefs.ora --> path is different in forms 12c  Reports.PluggableDataSourceFactories = ("oracle.reports.plugin.datasource.xmlpds.XMLDataSourceFactory","oracle.reports.plugin.datasource.jdbcpds.JDBCDataSourceFactory","oracle.reports.plugin.datasource.textpds.TextDataSourceFactory") and change these lines as follows : Reports.PluggableDataSourceFactories = ()
What is the path for 12c ? Hamid 
In ReportServerComponent folder path the file is there.
Hi everyone ,My Report builder crash's every time I try to send the report to the printer!!!!I'm using Oracle report builder 12.2.2  over windows 2012 64 bit.and here is the error messageit is aBEX64 event problem related torwbuilder.exeMSVCR90.dll thanks for any helpI had this problem for many days now and I had installed the whole environment twice with and got the same error.!!! 
where down this oracle report builder? my computer cann't work with it.

Error:Excel error in BIP server

Hi all,
I developed a template which gives excel output. I tested and its working fine in MS word.
I uploaded into the BIP server and when I am trying to view the report in excel format.
It is not showing up but giving me this error:
Missing file: ...lpserver\cabo\styles\cache\swan-desktop-2_3_3-en-ie-windoes.css
I searched previous threads on this topic, found one but not sure how to solve it.
Excel Template Builder?
Please help. 
I did this according to the requirement.
I have to create a report from database tables using SQL query and show the out put as excel.
I did so.
I had to write two SQL queries and club them in rtf template and built the template.
I checked the preview as excel in MS word, by loading the xml file.
everythink worked fine.
But I uploaded the template on to development server and tried to view the out put in excel format. But, i got the above error.
It almost took me a week time to figure out the correct logic for query ..
Please help. 
anyone, please help. 
any info on this issue?

Error When Open Template with BI Publisher Desktop

I have been done the OBE for Oracle Publisher. I installed the Oracle BI Publisher Template Builder. This can be access in MSWord, however when I try to open a template, this display the next error: "Error ocurred. Pleace check the settings and try again"; and whe i try to insert a object (chart, table, ....) this say: "Please Load DataSource first".
Any Idea? 
You need to load a template from the server. First login to the server from Word and choose a report and its corresponding layout(if required). When you do that some part of the data (for you to get the charts and tables working) would get automatically loaded. Then you would be able to create a report.
Yes, I login sucessfull but, it is precisely when I try to load the template I get the error:
"Error ocurred. Please check the settings and try again"
Hmmm.... By any chance are you on the release of BI Publisher?
Yes, I am in
Go to Start->Programs->Oracle BI Publisher Desktop->Template Builder for Word Language and set the language as en-US. That should make it work. If it still does not work try installing the version of BI Publisher desktop alone.
After log in in the BI publisher template builder, tried to Open the report from the report Template . Then the message is displayed as Error occurred: ‘Please check the settings and try again’.
I am using the OBIEE version and Ms-Office 2000......
I did the same thing ->
Start Menu\Programs\Oracle BI Publisher Desktop\Template Builder for Word Language
But still i am getting that error
Did this ever work before? Can you check whether your query first works in the web console (it should give some data)? Also, are you trying to create a new template on an existing report data set?
Dear Mr Venkat,
That problem is comming even while we are opening the predifined(sample reports) also.
thanks for ur reply
I've had this problem before, I read somewhere on the Oracle website that this may be due to a result set that is too large to be handled by template builder. I fixed the problem by restricting the number of rows returned by the query
If I am not wrong then you are able to access report/template earlier. This problem comes suddenly. If you are using any database connection then please check database connectivity. I think you are unable to access your database.
Amit D. 
We had the same problems...
Can you load a standard XML file?
If you go to: start --> programs --> oracle bi publisher desktop --> samples --> rtf templates
Open a template over here.. and then go to data --> load xml schema and load the xml.
Now when you can preview there must be something else wrong.
Now when you can't preview.. (what we had as well).. We tried reinstalling bi publisher desktop, but the only remedi was to reinstall the computer with using a new windows profile. Only this worked... 
Has anyone found a resolution for this?
I can create templates manually, just can't connect via the 'Open' command. I've tried most things mentioned here but nothing helps.
I think this issue happens when your report data template has parameter. So when you try to create a template for the first time it gives this error. How I do is add a additional and clause stating rownum = 1 and design my template and upload the same. After that you can add the parameter to the report. It should work fine.
This error can occur if your query takes way too long time to run. I guess there's some setting that's preventing the query to execute. Workaround for this problem is
1. Do not run your query for all records, use some sample data by adding an additional where clause (make sure your query does not take too long time) and create the template.
2. Next open the DataTemplate File (XML file) and delete the additonal where clause.
This should resolve your problem. Atleast it did for me.

Problem printing a report in Report Builder 6

Hi people, I'm experiencing tremendous difficulty when attempting to print a report in Report Builder 6. I've NEVER had this problem before, and it is a bone of contention to our client. Whenever I try to print a report from the report previewer, I get the following error:
"REP-1849: Failed while printing."
This error occurs irrespective of the query's complexity!
Even if I write a simple query such as, "SELECT 'johann' FROM dual", I get the above error. PLEASE help! Failure to test my report (and implement it) is causing a loss of approximately R570,000.00 to the company.
Your feedback will be appreciated; feel free to e-mail your suggestions to me at:
first, test with another printer driver.
You can download the "Oracle Reports Printer Driver Utility (2.0)" at
The latest patch(patch 11) addresses this issue.

Strange Disco 10 excel export issue

Hi all,
I have a report which returns 24141 rows.
I can export to Excel ok in Discoverer 10 Desktop.
However, a strange thing happens when trying to export in Plus / Viewer. The export seems to go ok and an excel file is created in the location, eg my desktop.
But then when I try and open the file from Excel I get an error message as below.
"somefilename.xls cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only, or you may be trying to access a read-only location. Or, the server the document is stored on may not be responding."
Any ideas? It appears the file is getting corrupted in some way via the export process from plus/viewer and this affects several users.
Hi ,
Can you take a backup of the report and then try the following ?
1. Remove 1 or 2 column from the report .
2. Save the report
3. Now again add those column(s) ( which were removed in step 1)
4. Save the report .
5. Export it to excel and check whether you are getting the same corruption or not .
Well, can you go into Discoverer Plus, do a very simple report, export to Excel, and get that to work? Or do you have the same problem even with a very simple, basic report? Maybe this is a Microsoft office problem/bug? I am able to export to Excel from my Discoverer Plus and open up the spreadsheet files just fine. I am thinking this is something that you want to log a service request with Oracle support about. Something somewhere is not right, whether in the Oracle code or in Microsoft code.
John Dickey 
Got to the bottom of this though why it's happening is a mystery.
One of fields in report is a calculation. If I remove this I can export and open in excel from Viewer and Plus. If I put it back in it causes the error when trying to open in Excel.
It exports and opens fine via Desktop.
I'll prob raise an SR with Oracle.
Did you log an SR with the Oracle support in regards to this ? We are having the same issue on a report now. 
On the calculation field see if the default aggregate is set to detail or sum. If it is set to detail change it to SUM and try again.