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Forms Team,
I was trying to read today's Oracle9i Daily Features regarding Forms Debugging. When I clicked on the link, I got an article regarding how to use J-Integra Extension instead of Forms Debugging. Could someone from the team to fix this? 

It should be ok now.
If it is not on the home page anymore try:
or search it in the archive of the features at:


Forms 9i

I'am interessting in some news of forms 9i? What's new? When will we see it? Is it the last form release? Where is form headed? integrateted in JDeveloper? Is there are migration path?
What alot of questions!!! :-)
next version of Forms is Forms 9i which we are working on now - we are looking at upgrades to the 9i stack, enhancements on server, hopefully new debugger and alot more.
Future of Forms - we are continuing to develop and support forms so you wil still be able to devlop Forms applications.
Migration to JDeveloper - I would be interested to know why you want to migrate - If your skill set is in Forms and you are successfully deploying in Forms I would ask "do you really want to move"
If you are looking to develop an new application and your skills are Java and you want to base on J2EE then you may weel look to JDeveloper.
Hope that helps
Grant Ronald
Forms Product Management
hi ronald,
i have asked this lot of questions, because i have heart nothing about forms and/or cherokee on then oow in berlin. i'am very interesting in a statement of direction from oracle for this! let me say - sometimes i'am a little bit confuesd by trying to understand your iDevelop strategie. Are there a white paper? I think this will be very important for your customer.
thank you very much for your clearly answers...
;-) ra 
I'm also interested in oracle dev environment future.
As you can read from ora magazine
Oracle plans for a single IDE, updating Oracle Text indexes, and more on locally managed tablespaces.
A Constructive Environment
In the May/June issue , I introduced readers to Project Cherokee, a declarative development environment for building dynamic HTML components. I'm pleased to announce that Project Cherokee and all new application development offerings will be delivered as part of a single integrated development environment (IDE) and will fully leverage Business Components for Java (BC4J).
Is this only marketing??
Are there any serious planning and timeframing?
Mauro, yes, we are working on bringing many of these concepts into a common IDE and we are doing so now.
With respect to a white paper - the link you see in the thread above shows we are making this information available through and you start to see more and more coming out in otn as well.
For example we have just published statment of intention for obsolesence.
I hope this helps.
Grant Ronald
Where can i find this "statment of intention for obsolesence" and where is then placein otn where i can find that information in the now and in then future ?
You may want to get familiar with the layout of OTN as this document exists already in out main Forms section.
Go to and click on overview and you will see the obsolescence paper
Grant Ronald

Forms Developer 11g Documentation - where to find?

I found only this:
There's nothing about developing forms, however. May one direct me to the most meaningful DOC about forms developing? I just spend about 20 minutes searching... with no success.
Thanks in advance. 
Check if this helps 
Not realy :-/
There must be somewhere an Oracle Documentation covering the topics of using Oracle Forms Developer 11g (Builder) and topics related to this. 
Well there is nothing much between 11g and 10g builder as such.
Except for a new Object and few triggers and built-inns
What are you looking for in 11g Forms ? 
Most of the "Builder" help will be found within the Builder's Online Help. You can access this when you open the Builder and select "Help" from the menu. As mention in this posting, very little has changed from the earlier releases, so most documents of the past will still apply. This is most true when using documentation from version 10.1.2. Earlier releases may discuss functionality and feature which have been obsoleted.
Here are some helpful references:
Forms 11 Deployment Guide:
Forms 11 Tech Listings:
Forms 10 Online Help (on OTN - same as Builder Help):
Links to previous releases:
Archived Documentation:

active x controls in oracle forms 11g

I have read a post regarding, the embeding of active x controls in oracle forms. Can anybody explain it in detail, tat how it can be done on Oracle forms 11g. My database is also 11g. And please explain how to draw activex control on canvas, coz i cant find any icon related to it on tool palette. please help me...
Welcome to Oracle Forums!
Please acquaint yourself with the FAQ and forum etiquette if you have not already done so.
I have read a post regarding, the embeding of active x controls in oracle forms.
You must have read some post of a client-server version of Forms. It is always better to post the link that you are referring to
Can anybody explain it in detail, tat how it can be done on Oracle forms 11g. My database is also 11g. And please explain how to draw activex control on canvas, coz i cant find any icon related to it on tool palette. please help me...In web forms you use (Java) Beans.
Also consider reading the product documentation or at least searching through it. This includes the Forms Builder Online Help. You did not provide the product version number so I will guess and hope that you are using That said, here is a link to the product documentation:
Take a look at +"Deployment Guide for Oracle Forms Services"+ and +"Upgrading Guide for Oracle Forms 6i to Oracle Forms 11g"+. These will explain some of the feature which are available as well as those which have been obsoleted, such as ActiveX.
The Forms Builder Help can be accessed from within the Forms Builder

Oracle forms to j2ee/web application

Hello all,
I need help with converting "oracle forms" to j2ee/web application. There are only 2-3 forms. But I needed to know how to do it from scratch. I looked at some softwares available to do it. But its costly.
Basically the company I am working with, needed all the forms online, so that they can access it using a browser. As part of the development, I am using jdeveloper 10g.
could some help me out
Thanks a lot
please help and let me know if there are any books or manuals available anywhere
sry if this is a repost
Well if you need your Forms accesible from a browser you don't need to convert them to Java - you just use Forms on the Web -
If you still want to convert to Java have a look at the Forms page for more info:
and also here: 
there is no free tool provided outside of what Oracle partners provide. The alternative would be to re-write, which with 3 Forms modules only sounds feasible to do.
thank you both for the information.

Can some tell me where to find the documentation for Oracle forms 6i,11g

Hi Everyone
Can someone please tell me where to find the online documentation for Oracle Forms 11g and 6i .
Thanks in advance
Have a look here:
Dear All
I want to read and understand all the important commands in oracle forms and reports. (For e.g System variables,all triggers in forms,reports etc.). Is it available online in the Oracle website like it is available for SQL and PLSQL becoz in the the SQL and PLSQL reference, all commands are given in detail in this website itself. Guys, I dont wanna know how to install it and stuff just the core concepts.
Thanks in advance
Most of the design time documentation is included in the Design-time tools (Builders). Specifically in the Builder Online Help. This information is no longer available on a web site. As for Forms 6i, hardly any of that information is available on the Oracle site any longer. That version has been obsolete for several years. You can find some of the old deployment documentation for 6i (6.0.8): 
Check this..
Where i found any help of oralce form