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Reports Team:
I tried to use Excel as a datasoruce to run a report, but I got an error "ERR 62007: SQL-error: S1C00 [Microsoft] [ODBC Excel Driver] Optional feature not implemented.
According to Tech Support, I need to apply Reprots 9i Patch 1 to fix this problem.
However, I couldn't find the patch under the Metalink Patches. Could the Reports Team point me to the right direction? I am using Oracle9iDS R2. Thanks.

Please download Patch Request 2030678 from ARU site.
With Regards
Reports Team


Unable to Download j5472959_xdo.jar file from metalink

I need to convert the report in RDF to BI publisher reports. For this I tried to download the Patch 5472959: XDO/ORACLE XML PUBLISHER OA ROLLUP PATCH 5.6.3
from metalink.
But I am unable to download this. While I am downloading this i am getting the error message
" Internet explorer cannot download from The connection with the server was reset" .
Please suggest any other location from where I can download this.
Patches can only be downloaded from My Oracle Support - there are no other sites available. Try downloading using a different browser and computer. If the issue persists, pl open an SR with Support

Patch for Oracle Reports

I have a problem with developer/2000 6.0
When i preview a character report and then try to print the report server crashes and all the application hangs. I downloaded a patch to solve that problem but now the file is damaged. I search all over ORACLES' website but didn't find it. PLEASE, can anyone tell me where to download it again? 
You can try to contact Oracle Support Services through MetaLink (logging a TAR), but typically we only have the latest patches available on MetaLink. Your only other chance is that one of our readers may have it for you to copy.
The Oracle Reports Team.

Oracle 9i Developer Suite

Hi Gurus,
It is very common problem we (oracle user/developer) face that once a new version comes in the older versions are no more exist even for download. I know Oracle's support plan and their extend support plan for Oracle 9i is till 2006. But we are not even asking for any support on the product use, we just want to download the product and try it, know it, know mater whether it is a old version or new.
So I would like to request all the Oracle Gurus and normal developer like me to some how bring this matter in Oracle's notice so that they become kind to keep at least the link for downloading all their products on their web site.
If anyone know any second source for downloading Oracle 9i developer Suite, please let me know, I will be remain obliged. 
I am in agreement with you. I have a client at work that is still using 8.1.7 and are looking to go to 9i. Because of their desire to upgrade I thought I would download a version of 9i and play with so as to determine any gotchas we might run in to or if there is any code we can change do to added functionality. But I am unable to find the link that will allow me to download this product. Even though it is no longer supported I to feel that if the ability to download this software is still out there then the link should be available. 
The Oracle 9i Release 2 database is still available for download, and it is still under support. Your customer was not considering upgrading their unsupported database to another unsupported version where they?
If you or your customer have a support contract you can request the older media from Oracle, just file an SR. 
Could someone tell me where I can get the 9i Developer suite.
I went in the Support section but did not find it.
Please send me the link to download oracle forms 9i. i need to troubleshoot the error message coming in my application which is web based application and developed in forms 9i. i tried to open the fmb in forms 6i but unable to view any code.
Please send me the link to download oracle forms 9i at or . i need to troubleshoot the error message coming in my application which is web based application and developed in forms 9i. i tried to open the fmb in forms 6i but unable to view any code.
Officially there's no 9i Developer Suite. You could get Developer Suite 10g Version 9.0.4 .
please show me the thread thank you

Problem in publishing datamining results in OracleBI discoverer

Hi all,
I'm working with oracle dataminer 10.2 and I need to publish datamining results in oracleBI discoverer 10.1.2.I have registered the Oracle Data Miner Discoverer Gateway in the EUL.
The problem is that "Publish to Discoverer menu" doesn't appear in the" Publish pull-down menu" in oracle dataminer.
My question is: this problem has happened because I didn't install Patch 4430506 for OracleBI Discoverer Administrator ?
If it's the case, Does anyone have the patch 4430506? I can not download this patch, since I have no metalink account. Could anyone help me this patch? If possible, please send this patch to my email:
Thanks much

Oracle Designer - How can I generate a report ?

Hi !
I'm new user of Oracle Designer and did reverse engineering of an existing database.
Is this application support report generation ?
I would like to generate a data dictionary with all the Oracle object with their description and special annotations.
Is there a simple way to do it ?
Thanks for any tips. 
Designer has inbuilt reporting capability. The 'Repository reports' tool has a lot of reports that display data about the entities, tables, pl/sql objects etc contained in the repository.
Thanks..I found the repository reports, but now I tried generate one of them and I got this error:
CDI-21300: Executable file not found.
I got this error for all the reports.
Did you encountered this kind of problem ? Do I need to install additional tools ?
I haven't encountered the error. The most probable cause could be that Oracle reports is not installed. The repository reports are basically 'Oracle Reports' objects. Inorder to be able to run the report you need Oracle reports to be installed. It is part of Oracle iDS.
My problem is the same, but I am experienced user in designer.
I use the Designer 9i.
The Repository Reports doesn't run.
Still I can open the main screen, every report that I try to execute I get the error "CDI-21300 - Executable File Not Found".
I try to deinstall the Designer and re-install it from my CDs (version and aply the patch downloaded from Oracle site (version
...but the problem persists
Anybody, any idea ?
Thanks in advance.
Hi again !
I realize that I can trace internal commands in "options", "diagnostics".
After invoke the report again, the content of the log was:
ckrpt61 File 'ckrptutl.cpp' at line:895 -TRACE-c:\orades9i\BIN\RWRUN.EXE errfile='\designer.log.err' BLANKPAGES=NO CMDFILE="C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ckr4F.tmp"
ckrpt61 File 'ckglobal.cpp' at line:248 -TRACE-CDI-21300: Executable File Not Found
So, the problem is that the Repository Reports didn't find the RWRUN.EXE.
BUT... I have instaled the repository from the original CDs and aplied the patch downloaded from Oracle.
Where can I find this executable (RWRUN.EXE) ???
As has been said you probably need Oracle Reports installed and this is part of iDS. In any case rwrun.exe is the "ReportWriter" runtime execute - so it sounds like you need to do this.
I run the installer again and select a FULL install (to avoid other missings).
The file RWRUN.EXE is now present and running.
I am getting another error, but this is another topic of this forum.
I think this is a installer bug. Once the Repository Reports is avaiable in Designer menu it should must work.
Well... Thank you !!!! 
How did you select full install, I can't see that option. 
I have installed Oracle Developer suite and facing the same error while clicking on run report.
The error message that pops up is : CDI-21300: Executable file not found.
Can anyone reply to this issue asap, as already i have read thread above and trued reinstalling it with the each of the two options provuided.
There is no FULL installtion option as stated in the thread.
Would apprecaite for an early reply.
Gaurav Tewari 
I was going to post something separate, but instead have appended to this post:
Is the Oracle iDS the same thing as the Developer Suite? I am testing migrating our Designer 6.0 content to 10g. Somebody else here (who has now left!) installed Designer 10g but opted not to install the full Developer Suite.
I too am getting the CDI-21300 error and am unsure whether I should be reinstalling Designer and doing a full Developer Suite install or just installing Oracle Reports separately?
For reinstalling designer you have to first install iDS (Developer Suite) then install Designer over the same oracle home.
you could use
Oracle 10gR2
iDS + iDS patch + Designer
Oracle 10g
iDS + Designer 
Thanks. Are you saying that we don't have Oracle Reports installed because we didn't install the Developer Suite? Or that it's possible to install Designer and Oracle Reports without installing the full Developer Suite? 
You cannot install Oracle Reports and Designer without installing Developer suite. 
It looks like the person who installed Designer here was able to do so without installing the Developer Suite - the only thing not working in Designer 10g is the reports.
What does iDS patch do? I can't find it on the Oracle website (I can find the iDS and Designer releases ok).
Thanks, Antony