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I'm having a problem connecting the WEBUI to IFS1.1.9 on my Suse Linux 7.2 server. When I access the page it is completely blank!! All other services appear to be running OK (ie: FTP, Windows Explorer Drive Mapping etc).
Has anyone encountered this problem before?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Do you not receive an error message? Have you checked for errors in the Web server log?

None of the log files indicate that anything is wrong.


WebDAV issues over SSL from Windows Explorer

Has anyone seen this issue? I've got a mapped web folder over SSL to IFS which appears just fine. However when I try to open a Word document I'm prompted 6 times for ID/pswd and then it eventually fails in error. When I try to open a PDF document, I get a 401 Unauthorized error (on some PCs) and on other (running Win2K) it doesn't do anything.
Now, if I go directly into Word or Acrobat reader and do a File->Open... and browse my way to the Network Places and down into the web folder, I can open the files just fine (natively).
Any thoughts or helps would be appreciated. 
What version of iFS/CM SDK are you using?
What platform is the iFS server running on?
Have you examined any of the log files? If so could you please provide any exception stack traces that looks
There have been a few bugs reported along these lines. I am trying to track down any workarounds
IFS 9.0.2 on RHAS2.1/Lintel with IFS DB running on 9i RAC ( The only errors I'm seeing are in OC4J_iFS server.log:
2/3/04 2:28 PM Internal server error
at com.evermind.server.jms.JMSServer.removeClient(JMSServer.java:724)
at com.evermind.server.jms.JMSRequestHandler.run(JMSRequestHandler.java:278)
at com.evermind.util.ThreadPoolThread.run(ThreadPoolThread.java:66)
Can you post the complete stack trace - or at least the message preceeding and subsequent to the one you posted. It is hard to determine in what context this error was raised without additional information. Are there any oracle.ifs exceptions being thrown?
Hi Brian A Dillon,
Could you please advice me, how to map a windows webfolder to a CMSDK/IFS directory running on Redhat Linux 2.4.21.
My CMSDK admin url http://myhost:7778/cmsdk/admin.
Thanks in advance
Use Enterprise Manager Application Server Control (http://your.host.com:1810) to ensure that the webDAV protocol server is running. You can also check to see what the folder is that you need to point to.
Typically it will be something like:
If you find that this is not working and everything is correctly configured, then a linux firewall running on your machine may be getting in the way.
This is all documented in the Oracle CM SDK Install and Config Guide <http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/html/B10689_01/clientin.htm#637868>
Hope this helps,

HTTP Error 404

Hi, I'm getting the Page Not Found error with Plumtree 504. I had it working for the last month or so, but I did something in IIS and lost it.
I do have the portals virtual directory set to :\plumtree\ptportal\5.0\webapp\portal
Also I have the aspnet_isapi.dll mapped to .pt in IIS.
Is there anything else that I should have set?? I'm using Windows Server 2003.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You ever solve this. I have hit the same thing!

SSL problems

what about this error:
Error: Timeout occurred whilst retrieving page meta data.
I'm trying to connect with Oracle Portal 3.0.9 installed into my Win2000 Server SP1.
I've follow all steps that Paul Encarnacion describes in
to configure 9i AS to enable HTTPS.
Please, help me. 
I am also receiving this message on Win2000 (sp2). I have configured Portal to use SSL per the instructions and am using the default Oracle SSL mode (no Versign Certificate).
I get this message when using "https://machine/pls/portal30", but not when accessing using "http". Have tested with both Netscape and IE, same results.
Any ideas...
Hi Dean,
have you tested HTTPS using a self-signed certificate? I've used openssl command... maybe you will be more lucky :-)
I've tried all possible trick, but I'm actually in stuck!
We are running Oracle Portal on Sun Solaris 8 and
get the same error:
"Error: Timeout occurred whilst retrieving page meta data."
http all works okay but https gives the error.
Did you fix the problem ?
If so what did you do ?
Have you checked $IAS_HOME/Jserv/logs/jserv.log? It may give you
a clue. 
We got to the bottom of our problem.
It seems it is a common error but the reason we were having it
was because of the order of the wrapper.classpath lines in the
jserv.properties file.
We had upgraded 9iAS from --> and followed the
post install steps to comment out duplicate lines that get put
in the jserv.properties file. We commented out duplicate ones at
the top of file rather than those at bottom and got the error.
We edited the file and put the lines at top of file back in and
commented out ones at bottom and re-started Apache, all now works
okay :)
I know this is probably not the best place to ask my question
but I have exhausted all the possible means to get help. For
those of you who have successfully configured SSL to work with
Portal, please also check if you can do the following:
1) Login as portal30, go to portal using "https://...". Now try
to Add New User from inside and outside of your firewall.
2) Login as portal30, go to portal using "https://...".Go
to "Home -> Navigator -> Applications" and try clicking on any
links on that page from inside and outside of the firewall.
For some wierd reasons, it everything works perfectly for some
computer on all of the scenario. But for some, those
administrative functions (1) and (2) above always returns "Page
Not Found Error". All pointers are greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much in advance,

iDocumaker setup

my teammate is installing iDocumaker, he is using Tomcat 6. the problem he is facing is that he can only see the login page, but can't pass throu it. He is using the default users to log but an error keeps comming up.
this is what's keep showing up:
1 {MESSAGEQUEUE.http.url=, queuefactory.class=com.docucorp.messaging.http.DSIHTTPMessageQueueFactory, mqseries.exception.logging=YES, mqseries.tracing=0, MESSAGEQUEUE.QUEUEFACTORY=com.docucorp.messaging.http.DSIHTTPMessageQueueFactory, http.url=}
thanks in advance for any help 
Check to see that Docupresentment is up and running. Depending on how and on what OS you installed the product, it may be running as a Windows service, Windows console or UNIX process.

problem acces application express after install? http server is running

I have this installed locally. I used the gui installer to install html db.
my db instance is running. I can navigate to
html db docs say to go here next and I get page not found
so i can set up html db acounts.
any idea? I checked the install log and it looked like it completed. 
For Windows based systems:
This is from the docs. I thought all this would be setup with the GUI...
the /cfg directory does not exist. Nor does wdbsvr.app
not sure what to do now... 
Hi 547571,
I experienced the same error: HTTP server working well, but pls/apex/apex not found.
Have you come to a solution?
Thanks in advance,