APPLETS and OC4J 9.0.2 - OC4J(Archived)

What is OC4J's support of applets?
Can I deploy my applets in OC4J? If so, where do the classes, html files go ?

Hi Danny,
I may be misinterpreting your question, but if you are asking about
applet clients for J2EE applications deployed to OC4J, this has been
discussed several times on this forum. I suggest you search the forum
archives (for "applet" and "client", perhaps).
Hope this helps you.
Good Luck,


WAR file deployment

I am new to Oracle J2EE environment. I have been using Apache-
Tomcat or iPlanet Application server for all my previous web
Can someone point me to the relevant resources on how to deploy
a war file on Oracle ? I am having the impression that Oracle
may have some sort of GUI-based deployment tools, if not, then I
really need some good how-to guides on war files deployment.
Oracle 9iAS seems pretty different from Apache-Tomcat.
Thanks a lot.
Hi Teo,
As far as I can tell, Oracle's J2EE environment means "Oracle
Containers for J2EE" (OC4J). So if you haven't already done so, I
suggest you start with this URL:
It has links to software, documentation, sample code, etc. for
After that, you can also look at the following sites (not in any
particular order):
Good Luck,
Hi Avi
Before I dive into these documentation, I just like to clarify
one more point : I remember reading from the installation note
that if I install Oracle 9iAS Enterprise edition, I do not need
OC4J. Is that true ? What is contain in OC4J ? Does it contain
Thanks a lot.
you should download the core version of 9ias, it only contains
the oc4j, apache server and web caches, it is easily to learn
how to config. 
Hi again, Teo,
Actually I would say the opposite. You only need OC4J and you
don't need 9iAS -- if you are only interested in J2EE stuff.
I have installed Oracle 9iAS Enterprise here, at work, and OC4J
as well, but I am only using the OC4J stuff to develop EJB
applications -- I am not using any of the 9iAS stuff.
Good Luck,
i also only interested j2ee stuff, seems oracle have to refocus
there marketing direction.


question... where do the supporting classes need to be placed...
I am trying to port a web app that I currently have running on Tomcat to the Apache web server included with 9ias... I tried just copying it over but that didn't work now I am attempting to bring over the app piece by piece...
basically I don't know where the jars belong
any insight would be greatly appreciated
is there any documentation available on this subject... I've searched but haven't found anything useful...
Amit -- I assume since you said Tomcat you are using servlets or JSPs. In general you might want to ask J2EE
questions on the J2EE forum at:
A number of your questions may also have been answered on that forum so I recommend that you search there first.
As for documentation, I don't believe there is a specific document on moving an application from Tomcat but you can
look at the Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE documentation at: (Production) (Developer Preview)
Thanks -- Jeff

Using non-Oracle DB with JDeveloper

Hi All
I am looking to create JSP application that works with MS Access.
Is it possible to link the pages to MS Access and
i. Host them on 9iAS
ii. Develope them with JDeveloper ?
All pointers would be most welcome as would references to documents.
Hi Greg,
I don't know about 9iAS, but with OC4J stand-alone, you can configure it to work with almost any database (including MS Access). You (may) need to modify the "data-sources.xml" file in order to configure OC4J accordingly.
More information can be found from these Web sites:
I don't use JDeveloper, but I believe it contains an embedded OC4J stand-alone, so I guess you could develop your JSPs (that connect to MS Access database) using it.
Have you tried the JDeveloper forum?
JDeveloper and ADF
Hope this helps.
Good Luck,
Hi Avi
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my query !
I will look at the sites you recommend this morning in the hope that I find what I am looking for.
But, it sounds encouraging so far !
Thanks again.

Deploy JBuilder pages on Oracle 9iAS

We are using Oracle 9iAS.
The pages are designed in JSP as well as using JBuilder.
How to deploy the pages created using JBuilder on Oracle 9iAS.
Thanks in advance
Shiju Joy 
Hi again Shiju,
This is probably a silly question, I'm sure, but I assume you have looked
at the documentation available at Oracle's Technet website?
There is a PDF document -- available for download -- entitled
"OC4J Primer - JSP Preview v1.0.2.2". It is basically a step-by-step
tutorial on how to create, deploy and execute a J2EE application using
JSPs and EJBs.
Or have I completely misunderstood your question?
Good Luck,
There is a plugin available for JBuilder to deploy applications directly from JBuilder to Oc4J. Please follow the link from page for your version of JBuilder.

Application Client 2nd trial

We have some EJB's running in an OC4J, which are acessed by a Swing client.
Everything works fine so far.
Now we want to deploy this client as an APPLICATION-CLIENT to the OC4J and launch it on the client-machine in a CLIENT-CONTAINER.
The JDeveloper doc says:
"Oracle9iAS provides full support for J2EE Client applications....
To know, what the subject is have a look here: Chapter 9
How is this done for our product?
How is it supported by JDeveloper ?
How can i launch my client in an (Oracle) application-client-container against my EJB's hosted by an OC4J ? 
does this help?
Re: My little BC4J EJB/Swing/JNLP HOWTO
Thanks Frank,
BC4J is a vendor(Oracle)specific Framework.
The APPLICATION CLIENT is refers to the J2EE Spec.
Every Applicationserver suggesting, to be J2EE 1.3 compliant has to offer a Container for client applications (and applets).
How a client can be executed inside such a container is vendorspecific.
The links in my 1st posting shows how "the others" do it.
I understand that this thread is quite old, but I'd like to ask if this has ever been answered adequately and, if so, what the answer was?
As I understand this, Mr. Miller is correct with everything he's said, however I see nothing more than passive mention of the Application Client Container in the Oracle documentation (and it is now May 2006).
So, is this finally an available feature of the Oracle OC4J container, or is it in the documentation but not actually in the server product?
If it does exist, I would really be interested in an example.
Tom Fuller