Parameters and View Objects - JDeveloper and ADF

Using Jdev 3.2.3 on 2000 PRO
Oracle 8.1.7 on Unix
I have read that the BC4J View Objects can be constructed to
take parameters. Could someone post an example that describes
the View Object with parameter and the JSP page that allows the
developer to pass the parameter in to the datasource(I think)
and display the filtered set of rows.


10g data binding

I am trying to convert a Jclient/BC4J project to the 10g based. It seems that we have to provide a xxxUIModule.xml for each of the view that will be bound to a JTable. If some dynamic attributes are to be added to the view at run time, how could I do that for the binding xml? In 9i, the system will automatically retrieve the view meta data at run time. Does 10g Jclient still provide that functionality? Any sample code?

Oracle ADF view object XML modification not working

Hi all,As part of a bug fix for our application, it was required to modify query inside a view object xml. The query gives required result when run in DB (Toad). However in JSP page i see no result. I have verified positively the values being passed to the input variables of corresponding method in the relevant managed bean class. In this case do i need to do anything extra? what should i check? I am new to Oracle ADF. Please guide. Please let me know what relevant inputs i need to share for help. Regards,Sabya
User, tell us your jdev version, please! You should not edit in the xml files without knowing what you do. Why don't you change the query using the VO's query dialog? Have you checked which exact query is send to the db (e.g. using  to dump the query and the parameters)? Timo
Thanks Timo for responding. Ours is an old ADF application on Version: 10_1_3_3_0. (from I am using JDeveloper 12 to perform the code changes. i tried to log the query in OC4J application log file. The vo.getQuery() returns the query with bind variables not replaced with actual parameters. ex- AND cvn.pte_id = :pte_id Could you kindly advise further.
You simply can't use jdev 12 c to make changes to an older version. The format of the used meta data has changed. A totally different server is used. Timo

Need some ideas for programmatic/dynamic ADF BC using JDeveloper 10.1.3

Using ADF Faces 10g, I built a page which is used to upload an excel file to the server. The contents of the spreadsheet is further parsed into a 2 dimensional array. In addition, I am able to determine the database table information from the worksheet name (table name) and row 0 (column name). I can certainly construct a sql statement and attempt to insert this data into the database. However, I would like to create updateable business components to display it back to the user in a af:table and also utilize built in validation methods. Is it possible to create an updateable entity based vo where the underlying table/columns are defined at runtime? Ideas are appreciated.
bump (This blog is on a 11g release , but hope it gives you some idea especially the Employee part which comes from a custom datasource)

Custom search autoquery problem

I'm trying to create a custom search portlet which runs in autoquery mode. I want the default values for the criteria to be dynamic (using PL/SQL session variables for instance).
How can I get this to work? Or is there another way to get this functionallity in Portal?
Mark van Bree 
Currently, the custom search portlet supports two dynamic parameters
which correspond to the currently logged on user's username and the current date. Additionally, the following syntax is supported:
where n is an integer representing days.
No other dynamic parameters are supported at present although this is being considered for a future release.
You may need to apply patch 2814244 (available from metalink) to get this to work as there was a bug in version of portal that resulted in errors when using these parameters.

Passing Parameters from Web.....

I have configured and tested sample code ( / plus.html / plus.html)and got connected to my Oracle database (8.1.7) from web.
Is there a way I can pass parameters to generate report on the web. I mean, is it possible to either type in parameters in the HTML form or provide a field for selection (from one of the targeted table column(s)in the HTML form.
Can someone advise?
You might want to take a look at the SQL*Plus Internet Enabled CGI Script Demo at:
and the Creating Web Reports section of the SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference at:
This should answer your questions.
Thanks Alison. As I have mentioned earlier, I have configured and connected to oracle 8.1.7 database and have created web reports.
What I need is parameter passing from the web. I can execute an sql statement, but I need to pass a user input parameter for running my report. This could be either typed in value or selecting data from one of the column of the target table. For example return salary from emp table where emmployee_id = 'xxx'. The employee_id should be either user entered or selectable from the dropdown list from the html form.