Reports6i and DB2 - Reports

I have DB2 Database running on AIX and Reports6i on
Windows95/NT. I have configured ODBC for DB2. But I am not able
to connect Reports6i to DB2.
( I am able to connect Oracle Discoverer 4.1 to DB2 using the
same ODBC).
I am trying to connec this way:
username : testuser
password : testpassword
database : ODBC:testdb2
I am getting this error:
REP-0501 - unable to connect to specified Database
ORA-03121 - no interface driver connected. function not performed
Suggestions appreciated.


Error connecting to database

I am using iAS SP2 on Solaris and the database is Oracle with ORACLE_OCI
iPlanet Type 2 JDBC driver . I am getting the following exception while
connecting to database :
ORCL-002 : CreatConnInternal olog() : Error when connect using olog()
Data-108 : Failed to create a data connection with any of the specified

Error: Unable to connect to database using connection_pool

Hi experts
I have created repository and reports on my windows machine using ODBC , Now i have tranfered this to on unix with OCI, But when i am connecting to my dtabase it is showng the error:
Error: Unable to connect to database using connection_pool
Please suggest how to resolve this.. 
Have you install the Oracle client in your Unix server?

Repository connection error

I have installed oracle 9iDS.When i try to connect to database on diffrent machine using OWB client,I get following error:
"API5022:can not connect to the specified repository.Verify connectin information."
Though, I can use the same user ,password and sid to connect through SQL*Plus of oracle 9ids.
What else I need to set to connect repository using owb client?

unable to connect to the specified database

I am evaluating the Oracle Report Builder and I am trying to connect to a Sybase database using ODBC.
I have successfully made a connection with the Query Builder but have not been able to connect with Report Builder.
I get the following error:
REP-0501 unable to connect to the specified database
ORA:00021:invalid session id: access denied.
Any help on this as to what I need to connect to a sybase database would be most appreciated

Attempt to Connect to Database server (sfsapdb) failed.

Here I am trying to capture the source Model from Informix Database.
Informix Version : 9.21.FC7
Oracle: Workbench Repository.
I installed Workbenck, Informix Pluging and Jdbc Driver in the my PC (W2K).
When I try to connect Source Database, the following error msg comes.
com.informix.asf.IfxASFException: Attempt to connect to database server(sfsapdb) failed.
Below are the parameters which I am passing.
User Name: informix
Password : xxxxxx
Host Name: devdb1_tcp
Port : 1525
Database Server : sfsapdb
Does anybody can advise how to slove the above issue.
Hi Pandu,
currently we only have informix plugins available to migrate from Informix 7.3 and Informix 9.1. It is unlikely that you will be able to migrate successfully from Informix 9.2X using our 9.1 plugin due to the fact that the catalog tables (on which the plugin relies) will be different in version 9.2 - there may also be some additional changes from 9.1 to 9.2 with regard to datatypes etc. and our plugin will not be 'aware' of these changes.
I hope this helps,