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We are on an important task of migrating our Production database
from Oracle 8i(817) on Win2000(Dell Power Edge)to Oracle 8i(817)
on HP-UX(HP9000).
Can anyone please give some useful links to white papers and
docs where there is info about the above migration.

Dear Thiru,
Unfortunately the Oracle8i Migration utility cannot migrate a
database to a different operating system!! Did you try
Export/Import? You need to ftp the files in binary mode!
As you are on production system, you should test the procedure
few times before migrating the DB. Also you should take a CLEAN
COLD FULL BACKUP of the production database. As you are on
production, I'm sure you are aware of all these...
Best :)

Dear Banerjee. Thanks for your reply.
I an Oracle Developer and not a DBA. I am assisting the DBA in
migration. We plan to do an Export and Import. As we will be
making a clean install of Oracle 817 on HP-UX we need some info
like naming standards for tablespaces,data files,distribution of
differnet files on differnt disks etc.etc
Any suggestion will be helpful.


Migrating from Oracle 7.3.3 to 11.1

Hello Experts.
Current Scenario of my working environment is as :
IBM RS6000 servers
Oracle 7.3.3
SQL Forms 3.0
There are almost 500 forms ,1000+ reports and 50 Pro*C programs
and now we need to migrate our database to 11.1 , forms and reports to new servers
I am newbie to the process of Upgrading and Patching.I have some questions regarding the same as :
Do i need to purchase the Oracle Software that lie in the upgrade path or patching them to that version is sufficient ?
What method for upgrading is more suitable Manual or Export/Import ?
Thanks and Best Regards.
The upgrade path is 7.3.3 -> 7.3.4 -> -> 11.1. If you would like to test export and import procedure, you dont have to worry about installing these many 7.3.4, 9i and 11g homes.. If exp/imp works for you, that's the best way.
I am not a license guru.. but I guess you dont have to pay all version licenses here.. you will basically pay one license for your destination version. pls check this out. 
Hello Raj,
Thanks for your guidance.
You mean i only need to apply patch set of the version in the upgrade path to the exported data,instead of installing all the oracle homes and it would get upgraded,right ? 
Just install 11.1 Oracle Home and create an empty database.. Create all users, tablespaces..etc
Export from 7.3.3 and import into 11.1 database.
I am wondering why 11.1 now ( why not 11.2.0.x..)
Raj Mareddi 
can you please let me know that the steps to upgrade as i thinking,are correct or not :
1> Export the data.
2> Install 11gR2 Oracle home
3> Import data
4> Run the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool
5> Install the patches of all the intermediate version and latest release and others required.
6> and finally running the catupgrd.sql and utlrp.sql.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Here is your action plan ;)
1> Export the data.
2> Install 11gR2 Oracle home
3> Import data
Check for any invalids. If any invalids, go ahead with utlrp.
You dont have to run catupgrd, if you're going this route of exp/imp... exp/imp and catupgrd are totally two different routes.. you gotta drive through either of these.. not both ;) 
That's okay with the action plan but i am still confused that what about the intermediate versions i.e 7.3.4 and
How can i directly install 11gR2 oracle home and upgrade to it by skipping the intermediates ?
Please help me.
Thanks and Best Regards,
"7.3.3 -> 7.3.4 -> -> 11.1" is the route of catupgrd.. you need to install home and run catupgrd from every node.. that's it.
Directly installing 11.1.x home and import into the db is another route. You dont have to install all the homes here. 
Hi Raj,
The way you suggested is same as In-Place upgrade ? And from where and how do i get the patches ?
Thanks and Best Regards,
the best solution will be to export from 7.3.3 and import into 11.1 (or 11.2). It is the quickest and less error prune way.
For this migration I think your worse problem is about the migration of the forms and reports. There is no easy path from sql forms 3 to forms 11i and also for reports.
Are you planning to do this by an upgrade path, or by making these forms/reports new from scratch. I think the last way will be the best. The differences between sql forms 3 and the new forms are so big, you should opt for a new design and build. Maybe even choose another technology (Apex for example).
Herald ten Dam
Hi Herald,
Very thanks for your suggestions.
For Migrating Forms and Report, we are planning to go with Upgrade tools like Form*10GMIGRATOR or PITSS.CON,which allow direct and automated upgrade to the latest release.
what are your opinion on this,can suggest any other way for the same ?
Thanks and Best Regards,
with so many forms/reports I think it is the best to get a company which has the job done many times. The only other way to do is it yourself by upgrading, but then you need also all intermediate version of forms (I think, 4.5, 6, 6i and 11i). I did 15 years ago the conversion from 3 to 4 (and later to 4.5) and we did it in batch mode. That went pretty smooth. I think above companies also use this kind of conversion mode, but they have all intermediates.
But maybe you could better ask the questions about forms (or reports) in the forums for those tools: Forms or Reports
Herald ten Dam
Hi All,
So far we have been all discussing about the Databases and Forms.Also the one of the important part of complete project is Pro*C programs.
what sort of an impact the process of migration of database and form will have on that ? and what best practices can be followed for it ?
can someone please suggest ?
Thanks and Best Regards,

upgrade from 9.201

My company use oracle DB v.9.201 and i need to install an application that need at least 9.207.
I already got few applications that running on that server and using the database.
I am not a DBA and I need to upgrade the database (my company bought 10g).
Is there any special action I need to take before I upgrade?
Is the data safe?
Where can I find literature for the best way to do this action?
Is the installation CD include also upgrade?
Thank you
you have to read upgrade documentation. and try first on test enviourment before doing anything in production database.

Move from windows to solaris

Hi Guru's ,
We are working with oracle 10g on windows and now we are planning to move this production server to Solaris 10. I am new with moving of database from one OS to other.Can any body tell me what problems can we face while moving to Solaris and what will be the procedure(steps) to move from windows to Solaris.
Thanks a lot in advance,
Vivek Agarwal 
If you would have devoted only 1 sec to answer your own question, you would have realized it will involve
- create a database on Solaris
- export the Windows database
- transfer the dump file to Solaris using binary ftp
- import it into the new database
As Solaris is a completely different architecture (RISC as opposed to CISC) and Solaris by default doesn't asynchronous IO enabled (Windows does) you may be faced with performance problems, but then again you may be not. Who can tell.
You don't provide any clue as to the reason to move.
Anyway, as you can't run Oracle without reading the manual, you can't run Solaris without reading the manual.
Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA 
Thanks Sir,
I was also plannig the same. But i thought that it should not be so easy to move ,may be it have some more technical steps to be performed.
Actaually we are having three production database on different servers with windows and now we are planning to move them to single high-end server of sun with data guard.
Ofcourse, we need to read manuals for Sun and Oracle for managing the performance of Oracle on solaris.
Thanks a lot again .
In addition to the above suggestions.
Since you are using the Oracle Database 10g, then your requiremnt can also be achived using the RMAN Feature, "RMAN CONVERT DATABASE", as long as the platforms have the same endian order
Please take a look into the below URL for Oracle Documentation information on RMAN CONVERT DATABASE feature.
Metalink Notes: Examples (for Linux)
You can also search in google for test cases/articles, if anyone has already achived this using "RMAN CONVERT DATABASE" to recreate an entire database from one platform (Windows) on another platform (Solaris).
Best of Luck,
Sabdar Syed. 
Thanks Sabdar,
I will go through this doc also.In case i feel any doubt i will again get in touch with you. I really appreciate support given by you all people.
In case any more suggestion are there then please let me know.
Thanks all,
I think it's worth pointing out a slight inaccuracy here regarding Solaris:
Solaris is an OS and it happily runs on SPARC or x86, there is no information in the original post to state whether the Solaris database will be on RISC or CISC.
Vivek, if you are running the windows on 10, then transportable tablespaces could be answer, or indeed datapump.
jason arneil

Oracle7.3.4 database in Unix (database media required)

I am in troble; I have Oracle7.3.4 database in Unix for the archived data of my very old application.
Now, the O/S is corrupted, I have installed Unix O/S and have all database physical files. but dont have the Oracle 7.3.4. database software to install and use this database or migrate the data.
Kindly help me, the data is very important for me. From where can I download the old Oracle7.3.4. version for Unix.
If there is anywork arround for this.
If you could install the same OS release as the original one, then you may create
the same directories and restore straightly the 7.3.4 Oracle Home.
Afterwards, you'll have to Relink Oracle.
Of course, it won't be a fresh install, but on such old release this "basic way" may work.
Starting with 8i I would not recommend you that.
Hope this help.
Best regards,
New O/S installation no issue.
but the oracle database bin files etc. at original source are missiing therefore copy and relinking is not possible. I just have all datafiles control file redofilet etc.
If I have to Oracle relase and I can install and restore the database.
the easiest would be to have the installation media available. Alternatively do you have 8i or 9i media? Doing such an upgrade could be a work around.
On what platform are you running your database and how big is it?
OCP 9i / 10g / 11g

Database Migration

Hi all,
We have a database running in Oracle 9i on Linux platform . We are planning very shortly to migrate to Oracle 10g. Since I am the only DBA working here in my company,so i have to do all the migration. So could anyone provide me with some valuable suggestions or some material on Database Migration to 10g.Also if anyone has got some good document on the same kindly send it to my id yadav4u2#gmail.com.Any help would be really appreciable. 
I have done this kind of migration few days back . In our case we simply exported it from 9i and imported it to 10g without any extra effort, and it is working . 
Hi Rama Shankar,
Thanks for your instant reply.Actually what I was scared was that I might get invalid objects error while importing database in oracle 10g. Anyways could you kindly send me a document on the same or can let me know what r the prerequiste steps needed to be performed before export or import so that i might propose this solution to my boss. and if you have got some document on other option of migration then kindly share that one also.Thanks. 
Yes, there are couple of ways and also depends on the size of your database.
1. If you plan to install the 10g on the same server where 9i is running and server has enough space, I would recommend you to install 10g software in a different home and migrate either manually or using database migration assistant.
2. You can also use export/import for the same.
The important factor is the size of your database and the downtime you can afford.
Hi Jaffar,
Thanks for your instant reply. We have a 250 MB database in oracle and the downtime won't be any kind of problem as we can take it to the maximum. Also I have to do the migration manually.And as recommended by you I would install 10g in a diff. home . So could you provide some good document on the same either import/export or manually migration. Also let me know what r the prerequisite activities for the migration.Thanks. 
250 MB is very less data. You can go ahed with exp/import as well.
Oracle upgrade manual is very handy.
Dear Yadav
will you have both 9i and 10g in a single server or separately??
- Phani. 
Dear Phani,
we would have 10g database in a single server which would contain all the data of the previous 9i database on the same server.Thanks. 
just use imp/exp . I dont think you will face any problem . 
I have migrated from Oracle 9.2 i from Unix AIX to Windows 2000 server , by getting export file from source database in build the same structure of Tablespaces on from Unix into Windows but you have to take care of character set you have on the source to be same on the Target database and simply do import using same owner or as system . all the best