Oracle Graphics - Output - Forms

I have created some Graphs with Oracle Graphics. After Running
the Graph I can either Print or Export as .CGM/ODF file. I have
downloaded a CGM to Image converter but the converted Image
looks horrible. Does anyone know how to get an Image similar to
the Printed Output.( The Export -Image option is availabe before
the Graph is Run).


Graphic Builder - Line with Symbols

We need to create a report with graph in it, the report has to run from Oracle Applications
Graphic Builder Version : Graphics
Using Graphic Builder we were able to generate OGD file and with report output format as PDF, we are able to generate the report, with graph.
But the issue is when u see the out put in PDF format, the graph with line and symbols on it, instead of different symbols. it has a big Black box around the symbols.
Could some one guide me..?
Thank you.

Embedding Graphics in Reports

I have a report in which I would like to embed a graph. I used the chart wizard in the report builder to design the graph with the data I want to see. When I run the report though, it gives me a "rep-1246: chart document not found." I presume that this means I need to physically save the graphics display. But how do I do this without using Oracle Graphics?
I appreciate any help.

Printing text and images together on a single page (printjob)

Hello all,
how am I able to print both text and images on the same page (defined by one printjob), using the javax.print API?
It seems that one printjob (one page) can have only one flavor, that is text, or GIF, or JPEG, etc. Since the majority of print jobs out there usually require text and graphics on the same sheet this seems a bit strange.
I have resorted on creating a PDF file through the iText library, and then printing by converting to GIF (quality is significantly reduced though, not an option), or by using the Acrobat Reader command line from java (looks dangerous for batch printing). My printer does not support printing directly using the PDF flavour.
So, I solved the problem by converting to PDF, but printing is still cumbersome. Any other ideas?
Thank you for your time,

Oracle Reports - Unable to generate report with colored image in bitmap mod

I am using Oracle reports 6i.
I am generating a post script[.ps] file using bitmap mode.
The layout contains an image. The image is stored in oracle database which is colored image.
But when the report is generated same is being generated with gray color.
Could any one advise on resolving this issue? The objective is to generate the report with colored image and not gray or black&white 
What kind of images do you have? Reports only supports a few formats, e.g. JFIF. So, if you have JPG images with EXIF meta information in the header, you have to remove those first.
when the report is generated same is being generated with gray color.What happens if you sent the output directly to the printer?
And what happens if you create a PDF file instead of Postscript? 
we had the same problem and found that the color is OK if we choose an appropriate printer but is not OK if we use the default "noprint". It may be something to do with UIPRINT.

Image Print problem in PDF Reports

I have imported a JPG image on the layout using Reports builder 6i using File -> Import -> Image. Once imported, this image is displayed correctly in the report layout editor. But, when I run this report (Pdf format) from Oracle Apps, this image is displayed with half side displayed as solid black color and the other half side with the actual picture.
I have tried to change the size of the image, import other type of images (BMP) & tried dynamic image using "Link File" option, but nothing could work.
Appreciate your help on the same.
have you tried to open the JPG file in mspaint and save it under a new name , then use this "new" image in Reports ?
Yes. I have tried running that report with other images of different formats & size. But nothing worked out till now.