Oracle Grpahics Number Format Symbol - Reports

I am building graphs with Oracle Graphics and my axis is in
percentage. What Number Format Mask symbol should I use to show
the percentage?


How to change the Step Size to a specified value in a Chart?

Hi All,
I've built a report and include a chart to it to compute the average time of coming for employees among a month
Now I've changed the Maximum and Minimum values for labels of Data Axis at the graphics builder to 10:00 and 08:00, and checked the (auto) for Step Size
also I've checked custom value for the format witch is HH:MI
but when the report executes the chart no bars appeared for the apeared employees in the X-Axis!
Why? and How to solve this problem Plz?
Note: I'm using Oracle DB 10g and Reports 6i
Thank you 
Thank you

Graphs in Oracle Repors

Is it possible to use text as Y-axis scale.
Means I want to use grades 'A','B','C','D', etc.......... as Y-axis scale.
Can we do it? If possible how ?

Graphics Format Trigger

Hi Friends,
My problem is I want to put the field label(which is a number) above the base line when it is negative. Now its printing just above the bar . So if it is a negative amount then its overlaping the axis label. All suggestions are appreciated.

How to show actual value instead of exponential value

Hi All,
I have report whish is having too large value. I have given axis scale as default. When the value is to large then it gives the axis level as exponential value. Is there any way to restrict to actual value ??
Please help if anyone knows.. 
Hello, how big are the numbers your are trying to display in a Chart?
I tried to see what is the maximum number that OBIEE Chart can handle by default and i was able to show a 16 digits number (1000000000000000). But any thing beyond that is being shown as 1E15.......
In order to show this kind of numbers in a chart, you should Abbreviated the Axis Labels as Trillions(t), Billions(b).etc....
If your report users still insist to see the numbers without Abbreviations or 1E15... type, then you should customize the default settings of the Bi Chart Component to whatever the limit is.
Good Luck

Oracle graphics(Bar chart) error

Hi All,
I have developed a Bar chart using graphics builder 6i and it is running but when the y axis value larger (say 9999999) then axis lable getting symbol as star(*). Also Bar column Label getting symbol as star(*). What is the problem? Is it possible to show the higher value like 1000->1k,400000->400K in axis label and in Bar field label and how? Please help ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
Sanjit Kumar Mahato