Oracle Discoverer with DB2 - Discoverer

Any idea how to configure and connect Oracle Discoverer 4.1 with
DB2. Where do I get the ODBC drivers?(from Oracle or from IBM)
This is urgent request.
Thanks for any suggestions.


Oracle Lite in DB2,SQL Server

Dear All,
Is ORACLE Lite can be installed in DB2 ,SQLSERVER and other databases than installing in Oracle.. is this is supported.. please clarify, if it can be done, could anyone send me the link
Thanks in advance,
Is your question,
Can Oracle Lite synchronize with DB2 and SQL Server... the answer is no. Oracle Lite can only synchronize with Oracle.

Migration Workbench Fails with Informix Version  7.31.UC5

I have just Install Oracle 9i on Linux SuSE Server and Oracle client on Win2000.
I want Migrate my Current Informix Version 7.31.UC5 Database on Oracle.
I have so Install Oracle migration Workbench with the plug-in Informix Dynamic Server 7.3 and the jdbc informix Driver.
But I can't capturing source database. When i try to connect on Informix database with Migration Workbench I have the error message "Only Informix Dynamic server 7.3 Databases can be captured"
Are the a plug-in for Informix Dynamic Server 7.31.uc5 ? or a means to migrate my Database on Oracle 9i ?
Thank for your reply. 
Hi there,
I am also working on the same issue. I am using the what kind of data model you are working with, is it with Connected or Disconnected. Please reply me.
We will share our problems and we will go ahead in this conversion process.
Hope it will work :)
You can send me an email at with contact details.

DB2 and Oracle forms, reports

Hi all,
I want see the DB2 data in the Forms!
By Microsoft ODBC I can see the DB2 in SQLplus but I failed to see it from Forms Or Oracle Report.
Any driver or software to allow that?
Please guide me.
Thank you.
Have you installed the OCA?
See the document OCA_INFO.PDF for information on using Forms with DB2

Installing 9iAS with MS SQLServer Database

Hi All:
Is it possible to install Oracle 9iAS using a Microsoft SQLServer Database as the backend?
If so where can I find an installation guide for this.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Mark:
Some of the components in 9iAS support running against non-Oracle databases. For example, you can use Forms & Reports against a non-Oracle database through ODBC. You can open workbooks in Discoverer, against non-Oracle databases. But you can't use the Oracle Database, Cache against a non-Oracle database.
Hope this helps your question.

ODBC upgrade from to

I have an MFC application used to connect through ODBC for RDB on WINNT. After upgrading to ODBC driver to My application fails to connect with an error "Function Squence Error". Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
For RDB questions, I'd contact Oracle support via metalink. I don't believe there are many RDB folks in the OTN forums.
any solution available ?
Norbert Brauer