Oracle Drawing Format - Forms

Which s/w or utility will allow me to open a Graph which is in
Oracle Drawig Format? This ODF is the output from Oracle


Is Oracle Spatial or Oracle Mapbuilder supports TTF(True Type Fonts)

Hi to all,
Is Oracle Spatial or Mapbuilder Supports TTF,How to load TTF into Oracle Spatial and how to assign TTF to Point Data,
i think Map Builder had option,but how load using map builder,
is any Oracle script to load provide help.

How to store a video file in a database

Hi all,
I would like to know how can a video file be saved in Oracle Database and also the way to retreive it and display it into an OLE control. Am using Forms 6i & oracle 8i.
Tanks in Advance
Stanly Mathew

How get the metadata with intermedia?

Hi all,
In my application I record Microsoft Word documents into a blob column, but before record this file I need to verify the version of Microsoft Word who created this file.
Anyone can help me with this?
interMedia can extract metadata from supported Image, Audio and Video files, but not from text documents such as Microsoft Word documents. See the Oracle Multimedia Reference (version 11g) or Oracle interMedia Reference (version 10g) for a list of supported formats.

Producing flat file text reports from Oracle Express

I've got Personal Express 6.3 and Express Analyzer.
I would like to produce flat files containing data from the
Is this easy to do ?
Help text doesn't help, and I don't want to use Oracle Reports.
Thanks in advance.
Yes you can get flat file text format reports using Express
Language. Try going through Express Language help given with the
software. Run the code in Express Command Utility provided with
the software.

read and write image, audio files into tables

i am using multimedia database such as user details like photo voice i want to insert image and audio files into oracle database. i am using Oralce 9i
i need simple methodology and SQL statement 
Can you see Oracle interMedia User's Guide and Reference - Release 9.0.1 at:
Tom ha a solution for you :