How to send e-mails thru Form6i/Oracle 8i with Exchange Sever - Forms

I have an Help Desk Application built on Forms6i and Oracle 8i.
I want to send e-mail (thru Exchange Server) with Forms/Oracle 8i.
Any Help?

Have a look at the DBMS_SMTP package on the Database


E-mail receiving with Oracle

is it posible receiving email messages with oracle database?
Is it posible receiving email messages with attachement using oracle database?
Database server is not Mail server.
See product called Oracle Collaboration Suite.
This product is able to sending and receiving email mesages which using Oracle DB as storage. 
Thanks for the answer. However it is posible to send mail with oracle database (with UTL_SMTP package). So the question is if it is posible to receive mail somehow the (same) way. Of course, I have mail server to send messages, but I need to send and receive them using database and save information from e-mail's into database (9.02). 
Ino Laurensse provided some sample code in the following thread

Is it possible to read , send emails from the database in oracle8.

My present project needs me to send emails from the database through procedures. There is an oracle package UTL_HTTP in oracle8 which could be used to read emails from database. So kindly tell how to go about sending an email from the database. Is this feature available in Oracle8i.
Thank you.

Communication beetween MS Exchange ans Oracle 8i

I would like an exchange 5.5 server to communicate with an
Oracle 8i Database. That is, find a way to give to an
Oracle application all the mails received in a already
defined recipient. The application should be able to get
all the common informations (sender, date, subject, ...)
and also the documents attached.
Is it possible and how do I get to do that ?

Oracle to Groupwise/e-mail

We are currently using Oracle 8.1.6 and are using Groupwise as our e-mail system. A request has been made to generate e-mail notifications from the oracle system. They do not desire to get the oracle e-mail server. Does anyone have examples of Java procedures that may be called that would send the information thorugh groupwise or another e-mail system? If possible we would prefer to send the information as the e-mail text, not as an attachment to the e-mail.
You might wana explore the standard UTL_SMTP package which is a part of Oracle 8i database.

building email server with oracle8i as dbms

I want to create my own email server and for which the database is to be maintained with oracle 8i, i have created the registration form by which the email id is created successfully as oracle login, i am unable to create programs for sending and recieving emails to the databse. can someone give some idea in this regrad.
You can use database as a mail storage area, but you can't treat it as a Email Server. I have used it as retreival and sending messaging application entirely from Oracle database itself.
Manpreet Johal 
I know this do not fully answer your question. But try having a look at this thread it might give you an idea
Good luck