Ingres to ORacle migration using dlescape - Database and Application Migrations

hi there,
There is a ingres to oracle conversion C program called "dlescape" from the Oracle official web site.
Any body knows its features and drawbacks, and is there anyway to minimize its impact ?
i heard that the program load the whole datafile into memory before doing the conversion.


Migration of Paradox to Oracle

Can any body tell is it possible to migrate Paradox to Oracle database? Is there any tool available for migrating paradox to oracle database? if it is possible then provide me enough information for it.
Thanks in advance.
With Regrads
Sorry for the length of time here. There is a tool on OTN under the Migration tech center. Look for the toolkits part and there is an 32bit odbc tool which will work. It just pulls the tables and data from paradox via odbc. 
Full Convert can be used to easily handle this task. It is a quite sophisticated database conversion tool which reads 14 database formats (Paradox included) directly. It is able to write to 5 output formats (Oracle included), using native database connections, avoiding ODBC and similar translation layers.
Full Convert product page is
There is a trial available, and full version can be downloaded immediately after the purchase as the browser will display all required download informations - no need to wait for confirmation emails.
Damir Bulic
Spectral Core GmbH

VSAM (COBOL Structure) to Oracle Table

We have to convert COBOL structures to Oracle table.
COBOL structures are related to VSAM datasets.
Is there any tool or steps to convert the COBOL structure to equivalent Oracle table.
We tried of converting manually, but it involves lot of REDIFINES , OCCURS, and sub level etc.
Can any one guide me? 
Oracle provides a gateway (Oracle Transparent Gateway for EDA/SQL), which can read legacy data structures. Maybe there's also some kind of conversion tool.
Hi Werner,
I am downloaded that PDF and I am just reading.
I found one website
Where they given some option to convert COBOL copy book to Native schema.
Do u know how to download that adapter? 
This website refers to Oracle Application Server 10.1.2, which can be downloaded here on OTN, but I don't know if there's the option the download only these adapters. Complete Application Server is very large.
By the way I've just seen this EDA/SQL gateway seems to be completely desupported. We used it a few years ago to migrate legacy applications.
Then is there any other way to trace the COBOL structure and to convert it to Oracle table

Oracle to MySQL Migration

Dear All,
Could you please assist me to know the details on what are the challanges to migrate my existing Oracle DB with Procedures/Packages to MySQL.
This sounds like migrating from a Ferrari to a Tata. Sorry no experience with that. 
I agree with you. But since it is demant of the Org so we have to do. I know, it is very dificult to accept migration from Oracle DB to other when we ourselves are Oracle guys.
Tata every one can buy but farrari ...??? 
You could try with MySQL GUI Tools available at MySQL's site; there's an Migration Toolkit included and afaik it supports Oracle-to-MySql-converts.
But I can't imagine that converting PL/SQL-code to MySQL-similar code is possible - I think the tool only supports converting tables... 
This task can be quite challenging. Depends on the size and complexity of your system. You'll have to rewrite all of your procedures (no PL/SQL in MySQL), may have to rewrite and tune some of your queries. Don't forget about the differences in locking mechanisms, datatypes, etc. There are some migration tools, but I've seen only those that help to move data from tables, and moving data most probably will be the least of your problems.
These links may help:
A Comparison of Oracle and MySQL
A Practical Guide to Migrating From Oracle to MySQL 
When migration is done from one platform to another platform.
We have done the migration from sybase to oracle.
These are the following points to be noted.
1) Data types
2) Null values
3) Date formats

Embedded database: Reusing Oracle Stored Procedures

One of our legacy system is developed using Oracle Forms having Oracle database at backend. We need to develop offline counterpart of this application. I am looking for an embedded database which can support executing existing Oracle stored procedures. I understand normally the embedded databases are light weight and mostly have certain constraints. Let me know if you know any such database please where I can reuse Oracle stored procedures (data layer).
Sanjay Kedare 
Your options are pretty limited when it comes to stored procedures in embedded databases. One of the ways that embedded databases stay lightweight and fast is by eschewing the heavier features of a traditional RDBMS.
One solution I've heard about is from a company called metatranz. They have a product that can convert stored procedures to C code that should be compatible with Berkeley DB. Please note that I have no first-hand knowledge about metatranz or their product, so I"m not recommending it; merely suggesting that it's something that might work. YMMV.
If you do try it, please post back here with the results.

Migration from DB2 to Oracle 10g using free tools

Dear all,
Im currently using DB2 database and wish to migrate data over to Oracle 10g express. However, i could not find any free tools or methods to migrate without using tools as i could not use tools like Oracle Migration Workbench as the migration is for certain project which will deal with internal process or commercial purpose.
Would like to seek everybody's help. Greatly appreciation your response.
Kee Cheng =) 
Not aware of any free tool but you could generate CSV files from data in DB2 database and use SQL*Loader to load this data in Oracle database.
You will need to write routines to generate the required control files for SQL*Loader or do it manually :-) 
Thanks. But have you heard of creating a heterogenous services, create a database link between the 2 database, then transform over to Oracle? 
nvr4getu wrote:
Thanks. But have you heard of creating a heterogenous services, create a database link between the 2 database, then transform over to Oracle?I thought you were looking for a free tool. With HS, you'll have to buy the component to install on the DB2 system. Unless something has changed since the last time I worked in a mixed Oracle/DB2 shop. 
I guess things haven't change. I was just curious about it because I saw it on some forum. So just wanted to ask about it. Anw thanks for the info =) 
"Support for DB2 migration is scheduled for Oracle SQL Developer 2.0 "..... 
But according to the terms n condition it cannot be use for company's internal process or commercial usage. So I never consider that.