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Is Reports 6i free? I downloaded it from Oracle's site, but I am not sure if it's an evaluation version or a free software. If it's an evaluation version, how long is the evaluation period? Thanks! 

Sorry, but Oracle Reports 6i is not free. It is available for
a 30 day trial/evaluation from OTN or you can purchase the CD's
from the Oracle Store.
Click on the Store link at the top of this OTN page for details
on the purchase and licensing costs.
Thanks for your interest in Oracle Reports!
The Oracle Reports Team


Oracle Forms Developer 6i Release 2 for NT

I have a couple of questions. I just downloaded the Oracle9iAS
Forms Services and Oracle Forms Developer 6i Release 2 for NT.
Is it a trial version? Does it expire after a certain time. Or
is it a limited feature version. I couldn't find any info about
this on the Oracle website.
AS with all the downloads on otn this is a full version with no
time limit. But you are under the OTN license which says that
you have to purchase the product if you are developing
production applications with it. Its free for evaluation and
personal education purposes.

Where can i download oracle9i forms software?

Where can i download oracle9i forms software(full version)?does the software include reports also? how much space does both occupy?
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Where can i download oracle9i forms software(full version)?Oracle Developer Suite Software Downloads
Previously Released Products - Oracle Forms and Reports
does the software include reports also? Yes.
how much space does both occupy?Documentation is available for download from the same links referenced above. 
thanks a lot dude.. i am done with my OCA. now planning to get OCP certification.. Is the future good for oracle application developers dude? Are there job openings for ocp's like us?? 
Such questions are irrelevant to the forum topic. However, take a look at this link --> The Future of Oracle Designer (and other tools)

HeadStart 6i Patches

Could you please send me the latest Headstart 6i patches especially to solve problems with Client/Server environments.
My email address is
Thank you in advance.
All Headstart Patches and the client/server kit are available through the Headstart Supplement Option. This option can be purchased either through your Oracle Consulting representative or through the Oracle store. The price is 15% of the Headstart price per year. You will be given access to an Oracle Portal which will allow you to download patches, kits, etc.
It turns out, I have bought HS, but to work with it is impossible. What for then to sell HS without support, if base release not the worker!
Why at ORACLE a different policy concerning sales of the products?

Reports 9i Developer and Services is it available?

I have been following the software for almost 6 months now but haven't seen any download options on the OTN site.
If you go to the Reports 9i site you see the documentation, if you go to the OLN there are many sessions about it, the same with idevelop but when you go to the download page you only have the 6i version.
Is Reports 9i a comercial product or is in beta testing?

Apps Technology Downloads?

Dear Oracle OTN website managers and staff,
(Perhaps this isn't the best forum for this post, but I can't find another suitable, so here goes)
OTN was recently updated to allow downloads of Oracle 10gAS Rel 3. However, like Forms and Reports 6i before it, OTN website managers have removed an essential download for Oracle Apps - namely Oracle 9iAS.
To my knowledge, Oracle Apps Forms are not supported on 10gAS. 9iAS is required to run the eBS forms until such time as the Apps forms are updated to 10g (or are done away with altogether).
Please put 9iAS Rel 2 back up for download - along with its documentation. This was done for Forms 6i and Reports 6i, but not for months after it was initially removed. In the future, I recommend that someone review the technology stack for Oracle Applications before deciding to update OTN's downloads section.
**Rant Mode Offf**
Thank you,
John Julian
Oracle Applications Consultant 
Doc is still available here:
As for 9iR2 downloads, please contact Oracle Support.
Cheers, OTN