XSQL on Lotus Notes/Domino - General XML

I would like to know if XSQL servlet can be installed on Lotus
Notes/Domino web server. If yes, has anyone had any good
experience with the implementation? Thanks.


Deploy Servlet on iplanetServer

Hi!! Can anybody let me know how to deploy a servlet on iplanet server that is available on Sun? This is the first time I am trying with iplanet. 
Is this a licensed version of iPlanet or the Community Edition?

We need integrate a Web Logic server 6.1 or 7.0 with Lotus Domino 5.x or 6.x

We have a customer that for requirements from some applicactions needs Web
Logic server 6.1 or 7.0 to work with Lotus Domino 5.x or 6.x
According to our experience we think its possible but we will appreciate
your opinion on the issue.
We would also want to know if you know of someone that has build up this
system or that has spent some time on testing accomplihing the connection.
A name and email address would be fine so we can get in touch with them.
Philippe Abadie
DyDeCom Ltda.


What or where is a good place to start migrating an 8i website (based on IIS and ASP) to OAS? Developing the IIS site has proven to be an interesting challenge, and moving it to OAS seems to somewhat more difficult.
Any help would be appreciated.
Joe Gabay
jgabay#hotmail.com www.joegabay.com

Python Server Pages and Weblogic

We have a large group of Python developers. Currently they are using Apache for PSP. I can't find any good papers/documentation on PSP support in WebLogic. Can anyone suggest some ... or maybe we should stick with Apache.
Thanks for your help,
Bob Larsen 
I think the most well-worn path would be to stay with Apache. There was talk at BEA of PHP prototypes on WLS, but you could also consider using Oracle HTTP Server (based on Apache) if you want a supported product from Oracle.

Oracle 9i AS with Web Server other than Apache

Is it possible to use Oracle 9iAS with a web server other than the bundled Apache? Specifically, I am looking for information on using the app server with iPlanet. Thanks. 
Still looking for information on this topic... Including any experience anyone out there has. 
The closest I've gotten to interoperability between iPlanet and Apache is at www.iplanet.com under the netdynamics apache plugin and the proxy server which supports reverse proxying. 
Today you can use the reverse proxy server from iplanet as pointed out by Alex. Oracle plans to provide an early release of an iplanet plugin soon. It will be delivered here on OTN. 
Any word on this?