XSQL on WebSphere - General XML

Has anybody installed XSQL servlet on IBM WebSphere successfully? I have been trying to install XSQL on WebSphere but haven't had any luck so far. I have set the classpath and mapped .xsql file extension according to the XSQL ( release note, but when I pulled up the xsql file (which works fine under XSQL on iPlanet), i saw the source of the file is still an xml file instead of a html file, which i think means the xsql file wasn't processed through the XSLT Processor.
Anybody got any ideas?
Wenqi Dwyer


JRun 3.0 and XSQL pages

The XSQL documentation describes how to configure JRun 2.3.3. Is there a similar document for JRun 3.0? I am unable to retrieve database content as XML. What is displayed is the source code instead.
Any help?
JRUN 3.0 is very weird. It is totally different from 2.3.3. 
This just means that the *.xsql file extension to oracle.xml.xsql.XSQLServlet mapping is not registered properly. 
Does anyone know how the *.xsql needs to be associated with the Oracle XSQL Servlet in JRun 3.0?
set Servlet Definition


I get the following error. All teh examples are working fine excepting FOP, I have XSQL 9.0 and Tomcat 3.2 on WinNT.
Oracle XSQL Servlet Page Processor (Beta)
XSQL-022: Cannot load serializer class oracle.xml.xsql.serializers.XSQLFOPSerializer
Infact if I change the FOP to point to any other serilaixers like XSQLSampleSerializer or XSQLSampleImageSerializer, it works fine.
Any clarifications.
thanks in Advance.

How to Install XSQL On Apache 1.3.12 Tomcat 3.1 ?

We are trying to install the XSQL 1.0.0 Servlet to the Apache 1.3.12 With Tomcat 3.1 (production verion) on Solaris 2.6 platform. We followed the instructions on the XSQL Release Note. However, it does not work. More specifically, we modified the tomcat.sh file under the <APACHE_HOME>/ext_app/apache_1_3_12_tc_3_1/bin directory, to add the correct CLASSPATH for the XSQL Java classes. Then we edited the "sever.xml" file under the ../conf directory to add the Context for xsql. When we re-started the Web Server, we could see that the path for the XSQL were set in the CLASSPATH. However, the Web Server did not pick up the *.xsql files at all. What kind of problems could it be?
One observation we had on the "server.xml" file was, there is no "Context" entry at all, not like in the examples given by the Release Note, where you might (by default) have already got /example. /test. /admin, context in the file.
Our experience with the XSQL product is very frustrating at the moment, please help.
I am going to have to look into this and get back to you. I will do so and get back to you ASAP.
Thanks for your patience,


At this site (http://technet.oracle.com/docs/products/oracle8i/doc_library/817_doc/appdev.817/a86030/adx19xs6.htm) I've found following info about files i need for XSQL servlet:
On Windows NT:
C:\xsql\lib\oraclexsql.jar;But I can't find oraclexmlsql.jar after installation of Oracle 8.1.7. Should I download Oracle XDK to get this file?
But problem is more general. I can't execute my xsql even using XSQL command line. It returns xsl code that I pass to it. I think that connection configured property, because as soon as I type incorrect connection parameters I receive information about error.
What I miss?
Best regards,
This info is now out of date. Please see the new online documentation for Oracle XSQL Pages, which covers the XSQL and XSQL 9.0.1 releases.
The oraclexmlsql.jar got renamed along the way to be xsu12.jar


I was Personal Web Server and JRun. And I get the following:
Oracle XSQL Servlet Page Processor (Technology Preview)
XSQL-001: Cannot locate requested XSQL file. Check the name.
Here is the kicker! If I change the name of my file from http://myserver/xsql/test.xsql to http://myserver/xsql/index.xsql I get the results!!! I removed PWS from the loop and just used the JRun web server. Same thing it only works if it is a default document???
Just figured it out!!!!!! It is case sensitive.
I created a file foo.xsql, but my Adobe GoLive converted the link to FOO.XSQL!
I guess for Unix, XSQL would have to be case sensitive.
Glad it's working for you now. 
Which version of JRun are you using? I'm have trouble getting XSQL working with JRun 3.0. If you did use 3.0, can you forward instructions on how to configure?