Export data to Excel using DDE - Forms

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I am using DDE to export data to Excel. But I cannot bold the cells of Excel. Can somebody tell me if there is any command to bold the cell?
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Could someone give me advice, please.


How to display colour in writing to excel?

dear friends,
I want to write to excel and display the text written into the excel in colour. Kindly let me know as to how to do that.
Find an Excel-writing API and read its documentation, and ask their support if you get stuck...

Parsing Excel file

Hello all,
I would like to read the data from excel sheet but only when the text is bold. I don't know it is possible or not. So if the text is bold in any of the cell in excel sheet only that data should display to my page
Go here, see if it helps you http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/hssf/quick-guide.html

Problem with Export to Excel using Jexcel api

Iam implementing Export to Excel functionality using Jexcel api in my dynpage coding.
Say I have given excel sheet name as MySampleExcel.xls in the coding.
1. I click on Export to Excel button - > open, an excel sheet is opened with the values exported to it from the backend.
2. If you see the excel sheet name in the top left corner, it is displaying as MySampleExcel(1). Next time, when you open , it is displaying MySampleExcel[2]. If you try to do "Save As" under File menu, it is saving with the numbers at the end of filename which is something like:
It is randomly generating these numbers.
What could be the problem?
Padmalatha.K wrote:
Iam implementing Export to Excel functionality using Jexcel api in my dynpage coding.JExcel questions should be posted into a JExcel forum. This is not a JExcel forum. 
ThanQ for the reply. Could you please tell me where to post this Query?

Can I export gantt chart from Project management to Excel File or Other?

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Anyone know about How to export gantt chart to excel file, pdf file or other?
Thank you. 
Did you find a solution to this? We have the same problem, we have a custom page with a Gantt chart and we need to be able to export it. With the default export button, it exports the non-gantt stuff, but not the actual chart. 
I still not found this solution. I think it cannot export any graphic on screen because It can export only CSV file. If anyone have solution please suggest. :)
Thank you.

Java and Excel

I have a requirement of reading from database and populationg an excel sheet which will be shown to the users. Then the users are going to add or modify that data in that excel sheet with which i have to modify the respective columns in the respective table. Can you please help me in this? 
Excel: Apache POI or others
More info: Google 
Can you please give me the code? 
Can you please give me the code?No. 
why not google
JDBC will work only if the data is in good table structure
use search 
But why an Excel sheet and not a simple GUI with a JTable? With Excel, you can be sure your users will screw up. Like using a function or formula in a cell, or adding a new column.