How can I know who is locking an object? - SQL & PL/SQL

Dear all,
Could someone tell me how can I know who is locking an object? From v$session, v$lock or v$process? Thanks.

you can know it from v$locked_object.
aslo if you have enterpise manager you will get more precise information


Session Data

Hi Guys,
I just have a small Query regarding Sessions. How much Data we can hold in the Sessions? will it be a problem if there are too many Session Objects in a WebApplication?if so what is the solution for it? Pls let me know.
Try removing the session objects after usage ...

Calling Reports from WF

Can we call a report from wf using Process View.
Please provide your inputs regarding Process View. Or how to call a report from a wf?
Thanks in advance. 
please see this thread : 
hi Alexander,
Thanks a lot for the reply.
But i am not able to clearly understand it.
Can u please provide a little explanation on the same.
Thanks in Advance.

to lock a table

I dont know how to lock a table, and what does lock do.
Please anybody can give a brief description, i tried to find on net, but couldnt understand the concept properly.
Best Regards, 
I answered this question in your How can i change assigned previllalges to a user.. What exactly did you not understand from reading the documentation?

OWB Audit Tables

Hi All,
Can anyone please tell me if there is a document wherein we can find a detailed design of Audit Tables and Views?
Thanks in advance...
Do you mean this? 
Hi Robert,
Thanks Robert. But it doesnt say anything about the WB_RT% Tables 
Sure, as they are not part of the public API but the views are built on them.
So will it be possible to these details from somewhere else? 
I don't think so. Why do you need it?

CAPS Lock, NUM Lock Statuses

i am using forms6i, I want to know the status of CAPS Lock, and NUM Lock. How can i get those status. Help me please.
help me please.
If you have a answer, please answer! 
And if you do not have an answer, please do not answer. 
Any solution? 
I am not sure if you can do it with a Java Bean. Sure you can do it with User Exit using Pro*C.
You need to read registry to check Capslock and Num lock. I did this earlier but cannot remember it. Let me check it out.
If you are into web development then use Java Beans.
Asif Momen.