Some questions, please help. - Forms

Dear all,
1. Can Oracle 8i be installed on Windows 2000 server?
2. Can Oracle 8i be installed on Intel P4 machine?
3. Can Form 6i be installed on Windows XP?
4. Can Form 6i be installed on Intel P4 machine?

1. U can install ora8i on windows 2000
2. on pentium 4 also
3. i didn't try
4. u can.

yes you can install on XP


Installing 9iAS on Windows XP Pro

Hi folks,
is it possible to install 9iAS on Windows XP ?
which version ?
iAS Rel1 cannot be installed on Windows XP however Rel2 will be installable on Windows XP.

oracle 8i

hi all,
well i was just trying to install oracle 8i in my win xp hdd,
it didn't install,does it not get installed in win xp.
cud any1 tell me why doesn't it get installed in win xp.
Oracle 8i does support Win XP. Besides, simply saying that it doesn't install wouldn't get any good answers!

11.5.6 install on Win 2000 Pro or Win XP Home edition?

I am going to install 11.5.6 family packs on my PC. But I am not sure which OS is best for 11i.
Right now my PC is XP home edition, 120GB, 512 memory. Can I install 11.5.6 on this OS? Or I can partition my PC into XP and Win 2000 Pro, then install 11i on Win 2000. Which way is better? Actually, I want Forms 6i, reports 6i and 11i install on one OS. If I need partition, then how many space will be needed for all Oracle staff?
Hope can get help! Thanks a lot!
Were you able to install 11.5.6 on XP Home Edition?
I am interested in installing 9i on XP Home Edition but have heard that it may not work. Any advice?

Oracle support for Windows 2000

Is Oracle 8.0.5 compatible with windows 2000. I came to know that only from Oracle 8i release 2 support on Windows 2000 is available. Does that mean Oracle 8.0.5 currently on NT will not work on windows 2000? Can anyone clarify please? 
yes its compatible. if you're gonna install oracle version that run on windows nt. make sure that the file system of win2000 ur using is ntfs. if win2000 is using fat32 oracle for windows nt wont work
i hope ds will help

Installing developer 6i on Windows Vista Ultimate

Hello everybody,
I tried to install Developer 6i on Windows Vista Ultimate, know if there are any patch or something like that?
When you do not have the install path in the regedit. And I lose all the icons in my applications.
Please I need help,
Forms 6i installed and running on Windows Vista 
Install a virtual machine (SUN VirtualBox) on Windows Vista Ultimate and installed on the Windows XP virtual machine. Was the only solution that I work well.