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Can someone kindly answer the following questions?
1. Can Oracle 8i run on Windows2000/XP professional?
2. Can Oracle Form 6i (client/server setup) run on
3. Do I need to pay the licence fee for installing Form runtime
on user machines?



Hi Guys,
I got one computer with windows xp operating system at my home. Just for learning purpose i want to install oracle 9i database, developer 6i, 9iDS and 9iAS on the same machine.
Kindly tell me the best technique how to install all of these products on one machine? What should be the Installation order of the products and what measures i have to take. Is there any installation guide that helps on installing all products of oracle?
Are there any special configurations??
Pliz Help,
Imran Baig 
An easy rule is: older versions of one product-group have to be installed from old to new. That means forms 6i first, then forms9i and 10g.
On my notebook I have home0 = DB 9i, then forms 6i, forms 9i, forms 10g, designer and more, in this order. All products work fine.
Read all the readme's and install-guides of all product-cd's. I don't think, that you get problems after that.
try it

Compatibility of Operating System

Hi Respected Gurus
I am planing to give new look of my software and my software is running on Forms6i and my Database is 10.1.
You know the most of the persons are using Windows VISTA or Windows 7 and I am also using Windows VISTA and some users are also using VISTA and XP.
I want to change my Forms6i to any other latest Forms (developer).
I need you advise that what will be the best solution for me in this regard.
Can anyone help me in this regard
I really appreciated of your positive response
Salman Haider 
Migration from 6i to 11g is really easy.
If your application contains interaction with the client machine (HOST,OLE), you would have to use the Webutil library (part of the Forms 11g version), and perform a little code adaptation.
Get all the information on the Forms OTN home page:

Guide Line about AS

Respected All!
please define some points that are creating some confusion for me!! I want to upload my oracle forms and reports, are my following points correct?
1- First of All I have to Install AS, if yes then please suggest me version etc, if the weblogic is same then just brief
2- is the database included in AS? or I have to install it separately
3- installation of forms and reports(suggest version etc)
4-May I install AS etc on Windows XP
I want to resolve this issue that how can I upload forms and reports
Best Regards.

How to configure Jinitiator

I want to run forms & reports in client's internet explorer I red Jinitiator can do this, I would like to ask that how can I configure jinitiator in client and as well as in server.
Please tell me completely step by step I am new oracle user .
I have :
Database version 8.0.5
Oracle form 6i
windows 2003 server = on server
windows 2000 = on client
best regards 
About 4 years ago , I run forms in web environment using oracle 8i and forms6i. I remember that I installed the Oracle Application Server (in a proper version- i don't remember it).
how to configure please help. 
hi kamran,
Is it necessary for you to use Jinitiator.....
I am asking this to you bcoz to run forms on the web with Jinitiator
u need your users to be Administrator or Power users for that PC.
no its not necessary actaul still I didnt use this I want to check either its more powerfull then oracle runtime and
users we can control.
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Forms developer on UBUNTU

is there any way I can run oracle forms developer 10g on ubuntu... 
I've seen this question asked numerous times. There is no guarantee that you can run the Forms Developer on UBUNTU, but here are a few links I've found on installing Oracle Forms on Linux. Hope they help.
1. [Developer 6i Quick Install|]
2. [knol - Install Oracle Developer 6i on Suse Linux|]
3. [Howto for Oracle Forms & Reports Server and Client: Release 6i, Debian woody Linux|]
Hope this helps. Please let us know if this works and if you had to tweak any of these instructions make it work so others will know.
If mine or someone elses response is helpful, please mark it accordingly